World CP Day Webinar 2024: When health and function decline


Kello: 14.00 - 16.00


Changes in health and function often occur early in adulthood in individuals with Cerebral Palsy. In recognition of World CP Day, join us online to learn about the reasons behind these declines, how strength training can enhance well-being, and insights from the development of a customized course for managing fatigue.

The speakers include Mark Peterson, PhD, M.S., FACSM from the University of Michigan, Pedro Valadão, who recently graduated with a PhD in biomechanics from the University of Jyväskylä and physiotherapist, MSc Ellinor Nilsson, psychologist, PhD, Sevérine Hedberg and occupational therapist Louise Lunde.

The webinar is primarily for professionals (for example physicians, allied health care professionals and therapists) but people with CP and their families are very welcome and encouraged to attend.

After the presentations there will be time for discussion. The presentations will be held in English.

The webinar is free of charge. Feel free to share this information with your colleagues!

The webinar is organized by The Finnish CP Association, CP Sverige and Arcada University.

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We look forward to interarcting with our colleagues and families from all the Nordic countries!

The webinar link will be sent via email on October 3rd.

Timeline for the webinar October 4th 2024 in the different countries:

12.00–14.00 Iceland, Faroe Islands (GMT/UTC +0)
13.00–15.00 Denmark, Norway, Sweden (GMT/UTC +1)
14.00–16.00 Finland (GMT/UTC +2)

Effectiveness and safety of strength training

Presenter: Pedro Valadão, PhD

Pedro currently works as a post-doctoral researcher for the University of Jyväskylä, continuing his PhD EXECP research project. He graduated in physical education with a specialization in strength training and holds master’s in motor control. Pedro has worked as a strength and conditioning coach in two Olympic cycles. The main focus of his PhD was to implement a training intervention for people of cerebral palsy, aiming to increase motor function for everyday activities.

Description of the talk: The main results regarding the effectiveness and safety of the training intervention will be presented and discussed. Additionally, practical information about how the intervention can be performed by people with cerebral palsy will be presented.

Fatigue Management for Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Presenters: Séverine Hedberg, Phychologist, PhD; Louise Lunde, Occupational Therapist; Ellinor Nilsson, Physiotherapist, MSc.

Séverine, Louise and Ellinor work at the Habilitation in Östergötland, Sweden. They conducted a qualitative study on a Fatigue Managing course for adults with cerebral palsy (CP). Based on the study findings, they modified the course to better meet the needs of this specific population. Currently, the course is undergoing pilot testing for feasibility and efficacy at various habilitation centers in Sweden.

Description of the talk: Fatigue is a common issue in cerebral palsy, with over half of adults with CP reporting living with fatigue. However, research on managing fatigue specifically for this population remains scarce. In this talk, we will present findings from the qualitative study, exploring the experiences of a 6-week fatigue management course for adults with CP. Additionally, we will describe the newly modified course and the ongoing pilot- and feasibility study.

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