Online: Assistive Technology for communication, mobility and cognition 


Kello: 13.00 - 14.00


In this webinar Petra Karlsson, PhD, talks about ways to use assistive technology and engineering technology to improve communication and participation opportunities in children and adults with cerebral palsy. Karlsson is the Program Lead for Technology at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute and Adjunct Senior Lecturer the University of Sydney.

Her research focuses on multidisciplinary research approaches to advance technology and innovation to support communication, cognitive assessment and functioning in daily activities for individuals with cerebral palsy.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  1. Introduction to a current research project addressing neuropsychological assessment for children with cerebral palsy and severe motor involvement. A test battery of 6 tests to be used with switch or eye-gaze control technology.
  2. My Voice Library - Designing a database to create a library of dysarthric voices. A resource aimed to make accessible for researchers and engineers working on innovative new technologies to enhance and evolve the current communication options currently available, to enable faster communication.
  3. The international guidelines for eye-gaze control technology. A quick overview of the clinical guidelines available for people with lived experience, families, clinicians, and educators.
  4. TechToys – play for the sake of play – A collaborative research program between allied health professionals and budding bio-medical engineers with the aim to design accessible toys for children with cerebral palsy with severe motor involvement.

This webinar is hosted by CPUP Sweden (Uppföljningsprogram för cerebral pares).
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